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journey 003

journey 003


today’s jam: Invisible - Prince Royce

read today: PinkSole, Madame Noire

seen today: Crossing Jordan

today’s wish: That I was writing this post on a laptop instead of a cell phone.

quote: Do it now. Sometimes later becomes never.

We have all been there singing the shoulda, coulda, woulda blues. We are good at assuming that we will have the time to do things later. But think about how many times you said that you would do something later then never actually come back to it. Don’t wait until later, plan to do it now so that you know without a doubt it will get done.

daily musings & reflections

I went back to work today back broke and all. Okay so I’m being a little dramatic, but this ish hurts like hell. Anyway, it was oddly refreshing to actually be up and moving about and my back feels better for it.  Who woulda thunk?

While working today I realized that I am pretty complacent with where I am at career wise. There is no longer a challenge to the work that I am doing. The only time I feel really good about my job is when I am actually speaking with residents and on my breaks writing and creating for my blog. I’m also struggling with not getting aggravated with everything that is working in the office. People are new and it takes a while to get a rhythm, I get it, but I feel like things aren’t moving fast enough for my liking. At this point I feel like I am ready to move on, but I’m not sure what I want to move on to so I’m at a stand still.  *super sigh*

On the blogging end of things I just sent out an order for my business cards so I am officially being about this life. I have also filled in my first 25 businesses that I would like to work with.  I am overly anxious, but I know I have to take the first step to begin the journey. Wish me luck!

Leave a comment below telling me what you think.  Some insight would be nice.

Spring Look 004

Spring Look 004

journey 002

journey 002