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Much Loved Fashion Bloggers in the Spring

Much Loved Fashion Bloggers in the Spring

April marks the beginning of spring and new fashion trends. Change is in the air and fashion and beauty trends are coming in fast. With the change in season, we can always count on the springtime to deliver us from drab to fab with eye-popping bright colors and bold, colorful patterns to match (even if the weather refuses to follow). This is the year for fashion risks and trendy fads with no excuses. Of course, we are all inspired by the runway, but when I’m looking for something that’s a little more down to earth and closer to my budget I look to just a handful of fashion bloggers to stay ahead of the game.

Mattie James of Mattieologie

Style blogger and creator of Mattieologie, Mattie James, brings aspiring fashionistas inspiration in fashion and beauty. Ms. Mattie brings more than just the appealing look she also has a positive message to share and great advice to share on life.  


Migdalia Rivera of Latina On a Mission

Migdalia Rivera founder of Latina On a Mission is a lifestyle blogger that knows her fashion and how to stay on a budget. She’s a parent that has had her own journey and really great ideas to help you navigate your own journey.

Naty Michele of A Love Affair with Fashion

Naty Michele, singer, writer and fashion motivator is the creative mind behind A Love Affair with Fashion.  When you simply can’t get enough of her blog you can find her on the IG @natymichele showcasing what she does best.

Tiffany Diana of Love, Grey Skies

Tiffany Diana, model, fashionista and an unapologetically curvy blogger of personal style, beauty & travel. You can’t help but feel like an insider as she shares her journey through her writing and images.

On the beach in pink rockin  jumbo Senegalese twists and dapper hat.

Dulce Candy

Dulce Candy, motivator, author and blogger sharing her milestones with her fan base.  Even though she isn’t currently updating her blog, dulce candy, there’s enough content to look through to see the amazing progression of style and beauty.

Solange of E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G

Solange, sharing just a tiny slice of her life with her fans with My Damn Blog. She is an artist and style icon that is unapologetically Solange. I could go on about how wonderful and refreshing her style is, but if you are about that style and fashion life, then no more words need to be said.

There are hundreds of thousands of bloggers out there that have impeccable fashion sense and something positive to contribute to the world, these just so happen to be my top 6 as of today. I am always looking for new bloggers to follow and draw inspiration.  Do you have any favorite underappreciated fashion and beauty bloggers that you want to suggest, please do so in the comments below. 


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