5 Things To Rejoice and Be Happy About  002

5 Things To Rejoice and Be Happy About 002

Happiness is a state of mind. Laughter, amusment and entertainment play into that state of mind. So that's why it's so important to find something that gives you a feeling of happiness at least once a day. We all know that not every day is glitter and matte lipsticks, but you don't always have to be in tears either.  Read on to catch up on this week's list of 5 things to be happy about.

1. Fashion Week All Over The World

Fall Fashion Week Is Upon Us

Fall Fashion Week Is Upon Us

In case you haven’t opened a newspaper or any social app, let me be the first to welcome you to Fashion Week. It is now here!  Thursday, September kicks off the first of many weeks that will inspire you with fashion from all over the place.  Fashion Week is a week dedicated to showcasing the latest fashion trends for the next season. Keep in mind it’s not just the big 4 (London, Paris, New York, Milan) that are getting in on the action. Local creatives are hosting smaller fashion shows and pop-up shops for the season of fashion.

Fashion Week Online is being absolutely amazeballs and streaming fashion shows for the rest of us who just didn't make the list to this year's round of shows. What’s great is that there are replays available in case you miss or show or you want to go back and get a closer look at your favorite designs. If there is one show that you need to go back and watch it is The Desigual Fashion Show and Chromat Show. You just have to watch them. Trust me. 

2. Them Eyebrows Though

Is it just me, or is anyone else absolutely amused by the fact that people are still talking about and trying to make squiggly eyebrows a thing.  Why…?  I’m so confused and amused all at once.  After watching this video, I too went to do a squiggly eyebrow and I laughed my ass off.  Go try it, you know you want to. It's quite entertaining!

3. MNFW Fall 2017 Has Arrived

Minnesota Designers, Makers, and Creators Get To Shine During #FWMN

Minnesota Designers, Makers, and Creators Get To Shine During #FWMN

This is definitely a Minnesnowta thing that I look forward to twice a year. The creative talent that Minnesota has to offer is almost too good to be true. Our Week of Fashion aligns with the big 4 so it’s a good thing that there are replays on Fashion Week Online so you won’t miss a thing during your Minnesota fashion excursions.

The #MINNSTAFASHION Fall Kick Off started at 7 pm (VIP 6-7pm) in the illustrious W Minneapolis-The Foshay Hotel located Downtown. The energy was exciting and a bit nerve wrecking with so many new faces and fashion. Traditionally during the Kick Off, we are introduced to 5 new emerging designers who have their fashions showcased. Not only was it about the designers their designs showcased if was definitely about the flashing lights, music, and models on rotating platforms. You read that right, models on rotating platforms working it!

The Event Line-Up for Fashion Week Minnesota (#FWMN) Fall 2017 is jam packed with daily events, fashion shows, discussion panels, pop-up shops, and celebrity appearances you have to see to believe. This is your chance to get up and personal with some the most creative minds this season. Expect to rub elbows with fashionistas, artists, local bloggers, musicians, and people who just like to look at pretty things.

To check out the schedule of events and where to purchase tickets head over to the Official #FWMN Website and make some good choices.

4. You Can Help Houston Recover


We are learning Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey is taking a toll on more and more lives and communities. This is one of those times where you can do more than watching the news reports and hearing the stories.  There are tons of relief options that need your support, donations, helping hands and positive vibes. You can help!

Where You Can Donate

  • American Red Cross is accepting donations for people affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.  

  • Feeding Texas is a statewide food bank accepting donations.

  • Global Giving is a crowdfunding site hosting a Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund with a goal of $2 million.

5. You Are Alive, Here and Now

woman in a field

If you are reading this post right now, you are alive and well.  Living another day despite the odds is something to rejoice. Life is full of challenges and yet here you are living, breathing, and full of awesome.   Life around you may not be the best, but the next moment is your moment if you so choose. I’m thankful you are alive and have high hopes that you will live a very long, joyous, and successful life that you deserve.

That wraps up this week’s happy!  What’s got you excited besides this awesome post? Leave a comment below!


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