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Review: Maybelline Spider Effect, Lives or Dies?

Review: Maybelline Spider Effect, Lives or Dies?

product: Colossal Spider Effect     by: Maybelline   price: $7.89

place of purchase: Target (in store & online), Ulta (in store & online), Walgreens,

Maybelline Colossal Spider Effect Volumnious Mascara-1.jpg

 first glance

The packaging is a dramatic yellow with most of the text in black as well as the geometrical spider web design, which makes this product very identifiable if you are looking specifically for the Spider Effect. The wand is unique as only half of the wand had the bristles that give your lashes that grouped together effect while the other half of the wand is bare. The two colors you have to choose from are Classic Black 01 and Glam Black 00.  You know I went with Glam because that’s how I roll.

My Opinions & Observations

The applicator handle is thick yet gradually gets thinner for easy handling and secure grip. The wand is the perfect length for application and any extra maneuvering you need to do. The mascara itself is thick, and you can readily identify the formula being very closely related to Colossal. There isn’t much lengthening, but you do get quite a bit of dense grouping.  

When you use the mascara once over your lashes, you do get a clear thickening thing going on.  You also get that initial eyelash grouping.  All you need is that one turn to really get the spider effect then use the end of the brush to get the side ends of your lashes. If you try to go in for a second swipe there’s a strong possibility that’s where everything will fall apart.

When you go in for the second time, you can start to get unsightly clumping and small bits of mascara that sit on your lashes being completely uncute. But I know you very well ladies and gents, you want to wiggle the wand around and get extreme lash grouping, and you’ll get grouping alright, just the kind you would expect to see during Halloween.  

Volumnious  Express Colossal Spider Effect Wand Bristle Side
Maybelline Colossal Spider Effect Volumnious Mascara Wand No Bristles
 #glamfabtip: Spider Effect was made for long and full lashes.  I wonder what would happen if you used these on false lashes?

I’m not a fan of this product, but my sister is.  If you have a long full set of lashes like my sister, then this mascara will work just fine for you. Since you already have a full set of lashes, this mascara easily coats and separates your already long lashes effortlessly.

If you have short and barely there lashes like myself, then this product is, unfortunately, going to be a miss. When trying to apply this mascara, one realizes right away elongation isn’t happening. The very little lashes you have are clumped together and simply look darker, not dramatic. When you go in for a second turn of mascara your lashes and the mascara wand battle it out to the death leaving with a hot mess of clumpy (not in a good way) lashes in their wake. 

In fact, if you were wondering what the difference between Spider Effect and Chaotic were, it’s a matter of moving the Spider Effect wand side to side to get Chaotic. This trend of clumpy lashes with the spider leg effect is at best a fad in popular culture best left for the runway and for the traditional Goth, Scene, and Emo public (this mascara was made just for their style.)

Maybelline Colossal Spider Effect Volumnious Mascara Wand Bristles-1.jpg
#glamfabtip: When using this mascara avoid letting it dry before applying a second coat otherwise you will have a “Chaotic” situation on your eyes.  

I would recommend purchasing the Colossal Spider Effect by Maybelline if you consider yourself a part Emo, Goth, or Scene Communities.  I would also say that if your store has ran out of the Chaotic formula and you’re looking for a substitute you can find it in this product. 


Maybelline’s Colossal Spider Effect Mascara has properties closely related to the Colossal and Chaotic formulas.  The application is best used for long full eyelashes while short lashes may not get the look you see in the advertisements. This mascara is not long lasting and can start flaking off in cool temperatures and sweats off during hot weather.  While I love Maybelline, I don’t love this mascara formula. I can’t wait for this fad to die and be forgotten.

Disagree or agree?  Let me know by leaving a comment. Tell me if you think that the spider leg eyelash is a new classic or fad waiting to die out. I look forward to reading and responding to what you have to say!

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