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A Reminder to Women Of Color

A Reminder to Women Of Color

Dear Women of Color,

I just wanted to make sure you know that your matter.  Never forget that just because they don’t see you, doesn’t mean that we don’t see you. Your culture and your heritage are your badges of honor and no one has the right to strip that from you.  You have every right to uphold or defy stereotypes as you see fit. The world doesn’t define you, you do.

You are wonderful, beautiful, and amazing. You are perfectly imperfect. You deserve to do great things, you deserve to have great things happen to you, and you deserve to make great things happen.

When you look in the mirror be sure you adjust your crown, hold your head up high, and keep your eye on the prize. Keep working hard, don’t lose hope, and never forget that you are in charge of you. You are a human, but you were also created in the image of a demi-goddess and should expect nothing less than being treated with respect and admiration.

Yes, Queen.  I see you.

Peace and grace,  


You Might Be A Jerk And Not Know It

You Might Be A Jerk And Not Know It

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