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You Might Be A Jerk And Not Know It

You Might Be A Jerk And Not Know It

We all have that one friend and or frenemy that is completely clueless to that fact that they are a total jerk. It's not that we don't think they are good people most of the time, but they seem to hold on to assholey tendencies unable to seperate a bad day from a horrible personality trait. Here's a reference list to use to help you figure out whether or not you or the persons in your life are jerks. Happy reading!

Your are a jerk if one or more of these pertain to you and your personality:

  1. You feel the need to make fun of people for no reason other than you are bored.

  2. You believe that you are better than people and you find ways to point it out when nobody effin asked you.

  3. If you find yourself always talking about yourself and not letting anyone else get a word in during a conversation, you qualify as a jerk pulling a jerk move.

  4. If you speak about yourself in 3rd person. It feels safe assuming that you officially qualify for the douchebag title (which falls in the category of jerkdom).

  5. If you never respond to comments on social media with anything other than emojis because you didn't even bother to read you copy and paste the same emoji over and over again. 

  6. When you find yourself listening to a story then deciding to cut people off because you feel that your interjection is way more important than present story and that fact is that it’s only more important to you, you ____________; (You can fill in the blank there.)

  7. If you manage to make someone else's life event all about you, you are a vain jerk. 

  8. If you use people’s secrets against them to hurt their feelings, you are lower than a douchebag or jerk.

  9. If you are at the corner trying to make a turn and you cut in front of a car that is followed by no one but the open road you are an abominable jerk face (that I hope gets a ticket). 

  10. You find ways to sabotage other people in their quest for success by stealing their ideas or withholding helpful information so that you can look good while watching others fail.

  11. If you complain about every fuckin’ thing, I can’t say for sure you are a jerk, but people can’t stand you.

  12. If every time you speak or even a third of the time you speak you are insulting nonjerks and/or children you are a total jerk.

  13. If you are racist, well you’re just a racist, and that’s about the lowest you can go as a human being, it’s right up there with being a molester and rapist.

I should also disclaim that this post is almost purely for entertainment purposes, but there are some major truths in it.  Make sure to let me know what I left off the list.  

#fashionfriday 004

#fashionfriday 004

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