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Social Media Update

Social Media Update

So I am officially using my social media networks the way they ought to be used to create updates, useful information, and to spread the love.



If you aren’t following me on Twitter yet you can find me at @MahinaReyes. For the most part I am retweeting everything that I find interesting and waiting for others to make witty comments. Every once in a while I send out something original sharing some positivity or something thought provoking. 


You can spot me on Pinterest at I'm pinning and re-pinning at least once a week on 1 of 8 boards passing time and looking for new mugs to add to my growing collection. 


I am getting back into the swing of things with IG slowly, but surely. You  can see my photography and slices of life on Instagram @mahina.reyes. I've just gotten into photography as a hobby and plan to slowly build up of my creative digital portfolio from here on out. 



Don’t forget I’m officially on Snapchat, which is where I spend quite a bit of my time as mahina.reyes snapping slices of life, food, favorite products, rants, advice and giving you quick blurbs on deals I've been made aware of.  


This lady finally is about to get on YouTube and be about something! So I haven't exactly found my niche when it comes to vlogging, but it is a part of my  101 goals in 1001 days so I am going to post at least 25 somethings...just wait it out.  


Last but not least, I am finally able to link up with Bloglovin.  It was my procrastinator project, but I finally got it done.  Thanks to everyone who subtly dropped hints to get me to get a move on. So I guess I can say that I'm offical now that I have a claimed blog on blog lovin.  Go here ==>>

Check me out on Snapchat @ mahina.reyes

Follow me out on Instagram @kissmypassion

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