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Valentia C Serum, Glow or No Review

Valentia C Serum, Glow or No Review

product: Even Glow Serum   by: Valentia  price: 25.00

place of purchase:  or  my amazon affiliate link below

first glance

The box packaging is both smooth and glossy giving the box that ‘shiny and brand new’ look and feel. The box is also white with black text and has the signature gold trim you associate with Valentia.  The box has a glossy finish that you can easily tell was protected in a generous amount of padding.  The product itself is stored in a small dark glass bottle holding 1.18 ounces of a vitamin C serum using a black handled dropper for dispensing. The scent is amazing for those that love that orange-vanilla combo. It has just the right combination of sweet and tangy that is refreshing to the nose.  This serum has a liquid texture with a touch of cream which allows this product spreads really we so you don’t have to use a whole lot

my opinions & observations

I love the amber bottles that Valentia uses.  I know that the real reason they use this type of bottle is that it helps preserve and protect the product.  I personally love that old-school apothecary bottle look, it feels classic to me.  The liquid dropper is a nice touch making it easy for you to get just the right amount of product.

This product is a serum that is supposed to help brighten and promote refreshed looking skin leaving a naturally glowing finish. The Even Glow Serum has a great balance between liquid and cream texture that allows one apply this product the right way. If you know your way around serums, then you most definitely know what I mean.

Most of the ingredients are pretty great for your skin in modest combinations.  While the formula boasts of being full of great things what sets this product apart from others is their list of super ingredients which include organic rosehip oil, organic sea buckthorn oil, green tea extract, and botanical hyaluronic acid.


For the most part, I am totally okay with the ingredients, but I still question the Propriety Organic Skin Tea simply because there’s not information on what exactly this is. I’m very curious about it especially because it is the first ingredient listed on the packaging. I might have missed the link about the ingredients that make up Propriety Organic Skin Tea, so if anyone knows more about it, please let me know. The Even Glow Serum also contains a known irritant and alternative to parabens, Phenoxyethanol.  If you have sensitive skin, I am reminding you now to be cautious about what you put on your skin.  Always do a skin test to be safe within the first 15 days of using this product in the case you have an adverse reaction and still have the opportunity to return the product if it is.

In my skin quest, I am looking to brighten only problem spots, so when I am using this serum I don’t cover my whole face as the directions imply, but I do get the area trouble areas underneath my eyes. Lucky for me I have been blessed with the genes that allow my face to glow and worry less about fine lines.  I used this product for 30 days before writing this review, and I can honestly say I did notice a slight difference in some of my dark spots, more noticeably the area underneath my eyes. I didn’t get an all-out glowing effect just because of the product alone. One has to remember to protect your skin especially if there is a brightening factor involved.  Also, don’t expect results right away.  To see a real change in your skin tone, it can take up to 6 weeks with the right dosage.  I like the product regardless, and it shall remain a part of my routine until the very last drop.

Image Courtesy of Valentia

Image Courtesy of Valentia

As with most serums, one mustn’t forget to sandwich this product between two other complementing products to really get the results you are looking for and protecting your skin.  Because of the brightening factor, it’s important that you end your routine with a sunscreen especially if you are wearing this during the daylight hours. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose of the product.

#glamfabtip: gently tap this product onto your skin to get better results and avoid that uncomfortable filmy- layer-feel that you can get from rubbing it in and using too much product.

For application use the dropper to put a bit of the product on the back of your hand and use a clean finger to dab the product gently into your skin so that absorption can be maximized.  Less is definitely more when using this serum. 

I am a fan of Even Glow Serum by Valentia because it does help brighten those darker spots when used correctly.  I would recommend this product to friends and family that have dull & dry skin looking for a serum that rejuvenates and brings up their glow game.  


Valentia’s Even Glow Serum is a well-balanced liquid and cream serum that has a lot of super ingredients that are great food for the skin. The liquid dropper is ideal for getting just the right amount of orange-vanilla scented product to dab onto your face and often neglected neck.  This product does contain a mysterious Propriety Organic Skin Tea and Phenoxyethanol.  When used correctly and as the formula intends you will find your skin thirsting for more and finding a hint of glow to your skin.

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