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kissmypassion (all lower-case) is a personal journal and lifestyle blog documenting  the life and thoughts of Online Personality, Mahina. The core message behind kissmypassion is to remind women that we don't always have to "roar" to be heard nor should we have to.  If they won't acknowledge our significance, then we'll wake them up through their margins and wallets, our actions and our money.

kissmypassion is dedicated to all of the women of color out there that understand being a queen doesn't mean that we are above getting real when the moment calls for it. We don't ride and die, we ride and keep on keeping  on. At the end of the day we  are more than our sex, ethnicity, and culture. We aim to stay educated, keep an ear to the ground when it comes to supporting communities of color confidently, compassionately and unapologetically.  

We are bombarded with messages that tells us that as women of color that we are expected to fall in line and adhere the rules and regulations dictated by stereotypes and stereotype threats that we don't even  condone. We get to choose whether or not we defy stereotypes, create or perpetuate them. This space was created to allow women of color to voice their opinions, have conversations that matter and connect with one another online and offline.  Ladies, this this blog was created with you in mind, a reminder to women of color that you matter, you are seen, you are heard by somebody and no one has a right to make you feel inferior.

You are queens.

Adjust your crown and take care of business. 


my open letter  

I have lived my life never quite fitting into the world's definition of what a woman of color should be, wow she should act, look, think, or even feel. My life experiences have taught me that I am only allowed to be me; nothing more nothing less. I have watched those around me struggle with their identities within their family, the workplace, in education, in our communities and within society. I know that struggle, very intimately and my journey has taught me that we don't survive alone, we have friends, mentors, and people in our lives that hold us accountable actions.  we have higher expectations for ourselves and the people we choose to surround ourselves with.  

I have long since declared that my happiness isn't determined by anyone else, but me. By default, I've taken life by the reins and have made my voice heard and always stay accessorized to make sure I am seen. I have lived a lot of life, learned a lot of lessons and now I have a platform to share my knowledge. I welcome you on this never-ending journey and invite you to get information, love yourself, support our communities, and when the world forgets who they are dealing with tell them loud and proud it's you. 



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I'm no longer accepting the things I cannot change...I'm changing the things I cannot accept. - Angela Davis

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